Monday 30 April 2015
A drinks reception with hot fork buffet will be held, together with the exhibition, in the Avon Room on Monday 30 April 2014. The reception is intended to give participants the opportunity to meet with the exhibitors and review the posters. 

Tuesday 31 April 2015
A drinks reception and cold fork buffet will be held at the Barber Institute on Tuesday 31 March. The Barber Institute is one of Birmingham’s finest Art Deco buildings- for more information, visit the website at 

Wednesday 1 April 2015 
A reception and gala dinner will be held at the Botanical Gardens on Wednesday 1 April.  The Botanical Gardens, located just 4.5km from the University, is home to over 7,000 different plants and acts as a beacon for butterflies and bees. It is nestled within and surrounded by some of the most fascinating and beautifully landscaped gardens in the country.

The social programme is included in the registration fee