P1. The influence of extrinsic parameters on the thermal etching of silver: surface and sub-surface investigations
Maelig Ollivier, Imperial College London, UK

P2. Generation of clusters in reflection mode from the Matrix Assembly Cluster Source (MACS)
Jian Liu, University of Birmingham, UK

P3. Cooperative assembly of magic number C60-Au complexes on Au(111)
Yangchun Xie, Aix Marseille University, France

P4. Characterization of Schottky barrier height of metal/high-k dielectric by photoemission
Kyuho Cho, Samsung Electronics, South Korea

P5. The partial oxidation of methane with catalytic Pd/Al2O3 nanoparticles, studied in-situ by AP-XPS
Rachel Price, University of Reading, UK

P6. Poster Withdrawn

P7. An experimental study of the photoelectron work function change of silver-based contacts induced by arcing in air
Mohamed Akbi, University of Boumerdes, Algeria

P8. A photoemission study of adsorbates on TiO2
Daniel Payne, University College London, UK

P9. Electron transfer properties of chemically reduced graphenes with different surface oxygen content
Shu Min Tan, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

P10. Computational studies of carboxylic acids on iron sulphides
Alexander Whiteside, University of Cambridge, UK

P11. Low temperature fabrication of metal oxide thin film transistors by the use of a heated metal salts solution
Se-Jong Lee, Kyungsung University, South Korea

P12. Investigating the sublimation limit of peptides
Dan Warr, University of Warwick, UK

P13. XPS and NEXAFS study of the co-adsorption of alanine and water on Ni(110)
Panayiotis Tsaousis, University of Reading, UK

P14. Extreme UV induced water dissociation on clean and p(2x1)O covered Ru(0001)
Feng  Liu, University of Twente, Netherlands

P15. STM data-processing for improved image interpretation
Lewys Jones, University of Oxford, UK

P16. Seeing beyond the image: peptide mass spectrometry and STM
Jonathan Blohm, University of Warwick, UK

P17. Pattern formation during true morphological phase separation in unstable thin films
Chaitanya Narayanam, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

P18. Adhesive polymeric thin film coatings as a method of immobilization of antibacterial agents on the surface of metallic implants
Zuzanna Trzcińska, Univeristy of Birmingham, UK

P19. TiO2 ultra-thin films supported on W(100)-(1 × 2): STM characterisation of a single-layer lepidocrocite-like phase and a reduced rutile TiO2 (110)-(1 × 2)
George Harrison, University College London, UK

P20. qPlus NC-AFM and STM imaging of H2O encapsulated C60 molecule
Simon Taylor, University of Nottingham, UK

P21. Combined high-resolution STM and DFM study of CaF2 on Si(111)
Philipp Rahe, The University of Nottingham, UK

P22. Functionalization of biomedical surfaces by peptide aptamers
Gabriela Melo Rodriguez, Univesity of Birmingham, UK

P23. Structure and electronic properties of few-layer Pd films deposited on Re(0001) surface
Jorge Ontaneda Rojas, University of Reading, UK

P24. Using polarised neutron reflectometry to characterise the action of corrosion inhibitors for nickel surfaces in situ
Mary Wood, University of Cambridge, UK

P25. Resolving submolecular structure in covalently adsorbed molecules
Ioannis Lekkas, University of Nottingham, UK

P26. Breaking C60 cages on Au(111) surface using Ar sputtering
Mahroo Rokni Fard, University Of Birmingham, UK

P27. Thermodynamics of molecular self-assembly at the liquid/solid interface: experimental and computational study
Natalia Martsinovich, University of Sheffield, UK

P28. Growth morphology of thin films on the metallic and oxide surfaces
Aleksander Krupski, Warwick University, UK

P29. Spatial mapping of nanoscale Ag islands on graphite using scanning probe energy loss spectroscopy
Karl Bauer, University of Birmingham, UK

P30. Structural optimization of titanium dioxide of (4×1) reconstruction for photocatalytic applications
Katarzyna Krupski, University of Warwick, UK

P31. Real-space images of zig-zag and armchair edges of size-selected, layered MoS2 clusters
Yubiao Niu, University of Birmingham, UK

P32. Magnetization boundary conditions at a ferromagnetic interface of finite thickness
Volodymyr Kruglyak, University of Exeter, UK

P33. Structure determination of CdO(100): A combined quantitative LEED and DFT study
Katarzyna Krupski, University of Warwick, UK

P34. Growth of ultrathin Pb layers on the Ni3Al(111) surface studied by AES/LEED/STM/DFT
Katarzyna Krupski, University of Warwick, UK

P35. Theoretical study of C60F48 using Hückel molecular orbital theory
Mohammad Abdur Rashid, University of Nottingham, UK

P36. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of ferrates (IV, V, VI)
Martin Petr, Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic

P37. XPS analysis of polyethylene insert from total knee replacement
Tomas Opletal, Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic

P38. Asymmetric switching of dimethyl-disulfide on Au(111)
Scott Holmes, University of Birmingham, UK

P39. Investigation of pyridinecarboxylic acids on surfaces using scanning tunneling microscopy and density functional theory
Izabela Cebula, The University of Nottingham, UK

P40. EPSRC Electron Beam Epitaxy facility for thin film growth
Robert Davies, Imperial College London, UK

P41. Structural variation of size-selected gold and palladium nanoclusters exposed to vapour-phase chemical reactions
Kuo-Juei (Ray) Hu, University of Birmingham, UK

P42. Imaging surfaces with helium atoms
Matthew Bergin, University of Cambridge, UK

P43. Single molecule manipulation by direct STM-to-molecule charge injection: evidence for ground-state energy barriers determining voltage thresholds
Kristina R Rusimova, University of Bath, UK

P44. Limit of detection and surface charge density of a nanoscale chemical sensor
Alex Henning, Tel-Aviv University, Israel 

P45. Structure and properties of the Li-Ni doped spinel cobalt oxide thin films prepared by PLD Process
Jai-Yeoul Lee, Yeungnam University, South Korea

P46. Instability and morphology of thickness dependent viscosity liquid films
Tirumala Rao Kotni, IIT Delhi, India

P47. Role of metal impurities in generation of defects in anodic layers Nb2O5
Leonid  Skatkov, PCB "Argo", Israel

P48. Identification of the c(10 x 6)-CN/Cu(001) surface structure
Ian Shuttleworth, Nottingham Trent University, UK

P49. Quantum mechanical transmission with absorption of ZnO thin films
Petya Petkova, Shumen University, Bulgaria

P50 Chasing down the catalyst active state by NAP-XPS
Rosa Arrigo, Diamond Light Source Ltd, UK 

P51. Hydrogen-bonded self-assembled molecular structures on hexagonal Boron Nitride
Vladimir V. Korolkov, University of Nottingham, UK

P52. Effect of substrate orientation on the electrical properties of polyaniline deposited on GaAs (311)B and (100)
Dler Jameel, University of Nottingham, UK

P53. Formation of a TiO(001) single crystalline thin film induced by low energy ion bombardment of TiO2(110)
B M Pabon, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain