Stand 1 - UHV Design Ltd 

UHV Design Ltd. specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality, low maintenance, manipulation and heating/cooling solutions for vacuum applications. Our products are used in the high and ultra-high vacuum markets for materials research and find applications in diverse fields ranging from thin film deposition and modification, surface analysis instrumentation, synchrotron beam conditioning and diagnostics, etc.

The product portfolio includes magnetically coupled rotary motion drives; linear, XY and XYZ translators; sample transfer solutions; 4-axis and 5-axis sample manipulators with heating and LN2/LHe cooling; high uniformity heating stages for 1”-12” diameter wafers. All products are assembled in clean room conditions to virtually eliminate the chance of contamination and stringent quality control methods are followed to ensure the ultimate in quality and reliability. 

Products are sold and supported globally via an extensive distribution network to the R&D sector including universities and government laboratories; OEMs (vacuum system integrators) and to the Semiconductor and Industrial markets.

Stand 2 - Oxford Instruments Omicron

Omicron NanoTechnology GmbH is a part of the British Oxford Instruments group of companies. Omicron is located in Taunusstein, Germany and has a long track nanotechnology record of over 30 years. We are the world's leading supplier of analytical instrumentation solutions in nanotechnology research and development.

We provide systems, instruments and customized solutions for

- Scanning Probe Microscopy
- Electron Spectroscopy
- Nanoprobing & Nanotools
- Thin Film & Tailored Systems
- Service & Engineering

Stand 3 - SS Scientific Ltd 

SS Scientific manufacture and distribute a range of vacuum equipment for scientific, research and industrial applications, including: manipulators, sample transfer, e-Guns from 3 to 30kW, a full range of bench-top / portable / trolley pumping stations, and vacuum bake solutions.  Featured new products on show are LED Chamber Lighting, Wobble Stick and Ionized Jet Deposition.

Our flexibility enables us to provide a competitive custom solution that is not available from catalogue companies.

Stand 4 - Testbourne Ltd

Testbourne Ltd is the representative for some of the world's leading scientific instrument manufacturers that cover Advance Ceramic-to-metal & Glass-Ceramic Sealing Technology, Thin Film QCM technology, Sample Preparation Equipment, Microwave and Radio Frequency Systems.

We also have 36 years’ experience of supplying an extensive range of high purity metals, alloys, compounds and single crystal materials. Available as sputtering targets, evaporation materials, powders, wire, rods & sheets.

Stand 7 -  Japan Vacuum Instruments Ltd

Japan Vacuum Instruments Ltd. based in Liverpool, UK is a trading company who is representing Japan-made vacuum technology products in UK. JVI will exhibit Thermo Riko's Rapid Infrared Heater which is suitable for non destructive sample cleaning for all surface analysis techniques or suitable for rapid temperature control for Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy. Also other products i.e. Vacuum Gauges and Dry pumps will be exhibited.

Stand 8 - Scanwel Ltd and SPECS

Scanwel manufacture and distribute components and systems to end users and o.e.m.s in academia, government laboratories and industry.Our own product range includes vacuum fittings, components, custom fabrications/ chambers and bespoke systems/ end stations

SPECS A team of scientists and engineers develop and produce scientific instruments for surface analysis, material science and nanotechnology. SPECS is your essential partner due to our focus on customer support, know-how and their international contacts. Scientists all over the world can rely on SPECS product quality and be inspired by the continuous program of new product development.

Stand 9 - Kurt J Lesker Company Ltd

KJLC® is a global leader in the manufacture and design of vacuum technology products, providing solutions for research and production applications.

From simple components to intricate vacuum chambers and automated deposition systems, we work with you to provide quality solutions for your vacuum requirements.

Visit to find out more!

Stand 10 - Henniker Scientific Ltd

Henniker supply scientific instruments & UHV systems for thin film deposition and surface science. Our range includes UHV sample transfer & manipulation, ion and electron sources, mass spectrometers, UV and X-ray sources and bespoke turnkey multi-technique deposition (thermal evaporation, sputtering, PLD) and analysis (XPS, SPM, SIMS, LEED, Auger) systems.

Stand 14 - Mi-Net Technology Ltd

Mi-Net Technology Ltd is a scientific distributor of advanced materials, components and instruments for research and industry. Formed in 1986 our product range includes instruments for thin film metrology, thin film deposition, material surface testing and analysis.

Stand 15 - Hiden Analytical
For 30 years Hiden Analytical has been a global leader in the design and manufacture of scientific instruments for research, development and production applications. In vacuum, gas, surface and plasma processes our quadrupole mass spectrometers have gained worldwide recognition for their precision and outstanding performance.
Stand 16 - LewVac
UK stockist and supplier of quality vacuum components, with custom manufacturing service.